About THS

Revolutionizing the Staffing Industry

Texas Healthcare Staffing, Inc. was created to revolutionize the staffing industry workforce. Our goal is to form a partnership with employers allowing them to utilize our network of professionals.

Our executive staff have over 75 years of combined experience in software development and IT and over 15 years of service in the medical industry.

We are committed to serve our employees and clients. We recognize the importants to be cost-effective for our clients while increasing income for our employees.

Texas Healthcare Staffing, Inc. is committed to our patients, employees and clients. We recognize that patients are more than a set of symptoms that need to be treated; we treat our patient as a whole person while considering their physical, spiritual, psycho-social and emotional needs. Our nurses listen to the patient and provide informative feedback that allows them to make informed decisions concerning that specific individual's healthcare.

Texas Healthcare Staffing nurses are vital to the healthcare profession. They perform many duties daily, some of the most important of which are as follows: they promote health and healing by performing superior and quality services; they recognize individual differences and embrace them accordingly; and they respect the dignity of all patients without limitation.

Texas Healthcare Staffing is committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective services to patients in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to serve the patients under our care with dedication and compassion. Our employees will demonstrate pride, professionalism and integrity.
At Texas Healthcare Staffing, our primary purpose is to be the most innovative, reliable, and respected staffing agency in the nation. We will strive to build a unique partnership with hospitals and companies throughout the country through our flagship technology system.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement
  • To communicate honestly and truthful in all interactions
  • Treat everyone with dignity
  • Be straightforward and sincere with all employees
  • We have a genuine concern for each person’s care and professional development
  • Meet and exceed each person’s expectations
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